Goal: Design a data tracking app to fill a hole in the current market. 

Current Market Research: One of the closest products available is an app which only functions at participating gyms. Other similar products exist for outdoor use only. The third type of tracker on the market deals with electronic climbing walls such as the KilterBoard. Climb On aims to be universally accessible at any gym with any type of gym climbing: top rope, lead, auto belay, and bouldering. None of the current apps have a route scanning feature. 

Name: "Climb On" is an important phrase belayers use in the final safety check before the climber begins to climb. The climber asks "Climbing?" before beginning the ascent and the belayer responds, "Climb On" to signify that they are alert and ready. Therefore, the app name, ClimbOn, was born. 
Before designing the screens, I created a content map to flesh out where the different screens would lead and which screens to include.
I chose scarlet and orange as the primary brand colors because orange climbing holds are very rare in most gyms. This color choice allows the branding to pop when paired with user input scanned route colors. 
I developed a set of icons for the sticky footer menu and for use throughout the app. For those unfamiliar with the sport, the Climb icon is a climbing shoe and the Friends icon is two interlocking carabiners. 
Click through this interactive prototype to see all the pages in action. 
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