Goal: Create a logo reveal motion graphic as well as a longer advertisement in AfterEffects with audio for a brand you have developed. 

Brand: Lampyridae is a luxury handbag brand that specializes in purses that have a light inside. This allows the user to easily find her belongings in a dark environment. The name Lampyridae derives from the scientific name for the family of insects that are light emitting, such as the lightning bug. In this animation, lights appear like a lightning bug's signal to convey the dazzling elegance of the brand. 
To begin this project I first developed the logo and required assets. Then I sketched out rough storyboards in pencil.
After the rough storyboards were complete, I translated them into higher definition storyboards in Adobe Illustrator. 
This is the final logo reveal for Lampyridae. 
The process for the advertisement was almost identical to the logo reveal. It began with sketched storyboards followed by high definition storyboards. 
In the final advertisement, the purse shown is a different model than the storyboards. As project development continued, I chose a different asset that more effectively fit within the proposed motion graphic idea. 
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