Developing a personal brand was by far the most challenging and rewarding project I completed during my time at JCCC. The process began with a personality survey about me that I sent to friends and family. Then I went through several rounds of sketching and logo revisions to develop the brand you see throughout my website. 

To top it all off, I created a miniature magazine entitled, "the MEGANzine", which further explains my brand and delves deeper into my personality.  It includes a breakdown of my logo, reasoning for my branding, and my favorite portion, the "FOR HIREoglyphs." The FOR HIREoglyphs give insight into what personality trait each squiggle represents from my brand pattern. Who knew a pattern could have so much meaning?!

I'd love to give you a physical copy of my MEGANzine in return for an interview ;) 

The finished magazine measures 3"x4".
I developed a complete set of business stationery for my personal brand which includes a thank you card, business card, letterhead, business label, and my resume which I formatted horizontally with a fold to open like a book. 
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