Milton’s Cafe is a breakfast restaurant in downtown Lawrence, KS. I refreshed their logo and designed a new menu to elevate their style and capture the warmth and friendliness of their brand.
This is their previous logo and menu. The menu pages are 8.5x11 placed in traditional plastic menu sleeves. 
Right off the bat I wanted the customer to easily be able to find the drink menu without frantically searching, so it is located on the front of the unfolded menu. More drinks can be found on the back as well. 
The tri-fold menu opens up to display all the food options for breakfast and the beginning of the lunch menu. The sides are in a box for easy navigation. 
The new and improved logo elevates the brand to fit their mantra: "excellence, nothing less" which can be seen written on the back of the Milton's t-shirt and to-go cup. 
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