Goal: Design and implement a new seasonal retail window display making use of bright colors and stationery themes. Create an eye-catching display that entices viewers to look further into the store. Initially, the inspiration was colorful lines that zigged and zagged, but they felt like they lacked a clear purpose. 
Solution: I created giant pens and transformed the colorful line idea to represent the ink flowing from the pens. 
Supplies: pool noodles, acrylic paint, jute, Command hooks, paper, hot glue
Software: I used this project as an opportunity to familiarize myself with SketchUp and V-Ray, and I had a blast. 
My initial proposal for the idea was a sketch I put together in Adobe Illustrator. 
Using SketchUp and V-Ray, I created 3D renderings of the basis of my window display. 
As social media manager for The Paperie, I compiled footage of the installation process to create the video shown above. 
The final display is shown above. Products in the window may vary due to retail sales. 
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