Working at Ruff House Print Shop and Paperie, I created the branding and collateral for our in-store Easter Egg Hunt promotional event. Collateral included Instagram stories, posters, Instagram posts, coupons for inside the eggs, and a hand-lettered chalkboard that could be updated daily. I was given the freedom to create the look of this event with the goal of remaining cohesive with our brand voice.
I began with the poster design to hang up around the store. Following brand guidelines, I created an eye-catching design to communicate the freshness of spring and Easter. 
I then created Instagram story assets to convey the event information and rules, a virtual "chalkboard" to correlate with the physical in-store chalkboard that would be updated each time an egg was found, and a list of possible rewards to be found. 
I created square posts with the same information as the stories. 
I created the coupons that were inside each egg to fit within the event's visual language. Each one was printed on a pastel colored cardstock. 
Before hand-lettering the actual in-store chalkboard, I mapped out a plan in Adobe Illustrator. 
I hand-lettered the chalkboard with chalk markers, so it could be easily updated each day during the egg hunt. The board was updated daily with regular chalk, which erases far more easily than chalk marker. The combination of chalk types meant erasing the main graphics was not an issue. 
Board measures 15”x15”

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