Goal: Using the medium of your choice, create an event poster that includes relevant information such as date, location, and a lineup of speakers, artists, etc. Develop corresponding event collateral.  

The Event: Spring at the Silos is a small business vendor fair held annually at The Silos of Magnolia in Waco, TX. The Silos are run by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the show, Fixer Upper.

Audience: Fans of the show, affluent women, experience chasers. 

Voice: Friendly, sophisticated yet rustic, feminine, springy, fresh. 

For this event, I created a logo lockup and poster using hand cut paper flowers to capture elements of spring. I developed unique event collateral including paper flower hair clips, a hand-illustrated event map, a set of thank you cards, a t-shirt, and a tote bag. 

To begin, I sketched some leaves on colorful cardstock and carefully cut them out with my X-acto knife. I then cut out petals and used glue to construct the flowers. I folded each piece slightly to give it depth, and I photographed all of my paper assets in several layouts to transfer them into a digital space. 
The final poster measures 18"x24".
I hand-illustrated a custom 5"x7" map that would be handed out to attendees. I could not find an existing map of The Silos, so I had to do extensive research to complete this asset. I pieced together the location of the different buildings on the property by gathering information from the background of photos on Instagram and Google Earth. 
As unique event collateral, I designed paper hair clips to be sold at the event as a souvenir.
Thank you stationery sets, t-shirts, and tote bags would also be available for purchase. 
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